is your most powerful tool

You want to improve your position within a growing demand for perfect produce. Therefore you require more than an overview of your commodities. You need to be analytical, anticipate for the future and always be the chain one step ahead.

Visualise your chain

Retrieve real-time insights with big data

Use our intuitive tool to collect information and QC4U Analysis will convert this data into Big Data. Get to know your strongest and weakest links by analysing the behaviour of your trade partners and connecting it to your quality control data.

Visualise how the steps in your chain are affecting each other. Sort, combine and compare on relevant factors such as temperature, grower, date or period. Allowing you to reflect and make informed decisions without delay.  

Smooth the dialogue. Ease your workflow. And get in control of your data.

You recorded what happened yesterday.
But do you know what tomorrow will bring?

Anticipate for the future and improve your business by seamlessly turning all of your statistics into Big Data.

Your data has a story

It ends with better results

Granting you clear, smart data to maximise your potential. Giving you an essential overview of your commodities to make informed decisions without delay. Deliver you valuable business insights to help you analyse your overall efficiency.

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