Our Mission

In this industry of constant progression, it's hard to keep up with your workflow. You want to preserve your position within a growing demand for perfect produce. But too many hours are going into keeping up with your trade partners and recording data. Leaving you with little time to establish a real overview.

We are experts, some of us with over 40 years experience in the fruit and vegetable industry, and we started to think. All this control data can tell you so much more about your business. This control data can give the control department valuable insights about the commodities, partners and the overall chain.

We started to develop a new tool for quality control. A tool that can give the fresh control industry a step ahead in business.

With our QC4U Tool, you smoothly collect your control data. Smart parameters guide your through any type of commodity. Relevant results such as temperatures and photos are easily coupled to your control data. Use tags to easily retrieve and develop on this data at a moment that suits you.

Clearly report your commodities by grading them in a colour chart. Make data clear and accessible to all your relevant partners by our smart report function Smoothing the dialogue, easing your workflow.

QC4U enables you to immediately convert your data into insights, where you can directly analyse your business day to day. An integrated communication system allows you to stay up to date with your collaborators and maintain a real-time log of changes. Log in to our web portal and get a powerful overview of your commodities, workflow and partners. All in one place.

Allowing you to reflect, helping you to anticipate on the future and make informed decisions without delay.  

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