Get in Control

Smooth your process, strenght your insights

QC4U is the most innovative tool for quality control in the fruit and vegetable industry. Optimise your commodity control, smooth your working methods, and seamlessly convert all your input into Big Data.

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Keep Track, Change Tack

Smooth your workflow, anticipate for the future

Record data directly in the app and couple relevant results. Turn your findings into smart reports and be able to make informed decisions without delay.

Smooth, intuitive, real-time.

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Developed by experts with over 40 years experience and an ingenious team of application builders.

QC4U enables you to take control and grow your business.

Big Data = Big Results

Real time analyses of your control data

Turn your control data into a powerful tool. Manage your results and combine and compare all your big data. Switch between all variables as commodity, supplier, grower, origin, trade partner or period. And learn how your business is becoming stronger by uncovering the weakest and strongest links in your chain.

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